2006 Nissan 350Z

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2006 Nissan 350Z
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Loud is the first word that comes to mind with the Nissan 350Z. I clocked plenty of miles, and without a decent stereo they would have been painful. The wind noise that penetrates the A-pillars is the worst I can remember experiencing in a car over $30,000. The only thing that rivals the wind noise is the constant drone of the tires.

This is a car I really wanted to like, but it falls short for me. The acceleration is certainly strong, but not strong enough to make me forget the noise or how incredibly rough the ride can be. I never felt a rush as I mashed the throttle exiting corners or blasting off the line. I'm all for flat power curves, but I expected a big hit of power at some point in this car.

I admit the ride was pleasant enough on perfectly smooth roads, but Michigan only has about 10 miles of the stuff. When I launched hard on an average to slightly rough surface I got mad axle hop.

To the good, there is a ton of room. The rear hold allows you to stow two golf bags, at least according to the sticker on the hatch. There are also several compartments built in behind the seats that kept papers from flying about while the windows were down.

Shifts are short, but at times the gates seemed rather vague. I never missed a shift, but the overall experience left something to be desired.

Visibility was also a problem for me. I may just be a little too tall for the car. I could see better if I hunched down, but that was not a comfortable-or safe-position to drive in. If the glass went up about four more inches in the back, it would probably solve this problem.

By Phil Floraday Link